Wireless Setup

Ooma, while trying to setup my Ooma for the first time, with the wireless USB adapter, I quickly discovered that it is required to have a laptop with a network (RJ-45) port. I’m not sure what decade you are developing, but we have are Microsoft Surface Pro, IPads, and smart devices none of which have a network port. Even my work laptop is a thin form factor only wireless. I called support and the only recommendation they have is to “borrow a device from a friend or neighbor”, verbatim. I have no idea how I am going to set this up on wireless as everyone around me literally does not have devices with a network port. Everything is wireless now. Why can I not plug in the device to my router and connect to setup.ooma.com. Shouldn’t the router check locally using NAT before going out to the internet if any devices have this alias or even an hard coded IP. To require someone to have a particular type of device with a network port is antiquated, burdensome, and ultimately impossible for me to setup. I would welcome ather options if available. Thanks!

If you have a “gateway” (modem and router in the same box) I don’t have any suggestions unless you have a spare wireless router available.

If you have a separate cable modem and a router do the following.

Connect the WAN port of your router to the Home port of the Telo. Connect wirelessly to your router and then to

Set up the wireless connection in the Telo.

Put the connections back to your normal method.

I have not tried this but I expect it to work.

I enabled ‘remote admin’ on your telo so you can now access the telo embedded website by browsing to the IP address the telo gets from your router. More short term support will be able to do this for customers who have trouble using the home port. Longer term this option will be made available on MyOoma.