Wifi Adapter disconnects telo causing red flash until reboot

Ooma is perfect when it works. However once a day the unit will flash red and no longer works until I reboot telo.

I was able to connect a computer to telo when it flashes red. What I found out was that DNS resolution all failed. Wifi signal shows no bar.

I deleted the wifi name and then added it back. Now wifi shows 4 bars and signal quality was 94%. Telo is 5 feet away. DNS resolved all service IP addresses and everything goes normal. But then this happens again next day. This causes me to lose phone calls and my friends complained.

This is frustrating.

Could this be a defunctioning WiFi adapter?

My router is an high end router - Asus RT-N66U.

My telo is in DMZ and port scan shows no issues.

Please help.


James Wang

I had similar happen but I had to reboot the router and the duration it took to lose wifi connection to Telo was random although daily was about right. My issue could not be resolved no matter what I did to the router. The issue was gone when I had to get a new router. https://www.ooma.com/forums//viewtopic.php?f=2&t=15121&p=111995#p111995

I would try ethernet connection before spending money on a new MODEM or ROUTER.

The problem is gone after I got rid of the wifi adapter.

When I was trying to get some help through online chat, the support told me wifi adapter is not guaranteed to work. So I asked why would you sell something that you know will not work.

Anyways, that comment helped me. I bought a $19 wireless router - linksys e900, flashed with Dd-WRT firmware and configured it as a wireless client bridge, connected ooma to the lan port of this client router. Now it works reliably.


This is an older thread, so I don’t know if anyone will see this, but the situation sounds a lot like what I’m dealing with. I’ve had a Telo for about a month now (Cable->Modem->Router->Telo wireless). Much of the time the configuration seems solid. (I have about 89Mbps down/2~8 Mbps up. Occasional QoS problems.) Every morning I find the Telo is offline with a red flower.

If I just briefly pull the dongle out of the USB port and then push it back in, it flashes blue a single time, then back to red, and the flower turns blue after about two minutes.) I had established static DNS numbers for all three ports, but the mention of DNS in the previous message tend to re-inforce a theory that I have been toying with; namely that when the DHC lease is refreshed each 24 hours, the Telo isn’t getting reset, either because it is trying to assign a dynamic port number, or the the static number isn’t known to it. Some kind of broadcast-handshaking failure perhaps.

My router is a Linksys E4200 v1.0.01 (a bit elderly) and I had been thinking of flashing its firmware. But that’s fiddly business for a shot in the dark.

Does Ooma support actually try to help with problems like these, or is it up to us customers to figure it all out? As it is now, if I were to leave the house on vacation, no one could call in and leave a message, because the connection has to be manually restarted every day That’s really not acceptable. :frowning:


Even if the Telo is offline, the Ooma voice mail system should still allow the caller to leave a message. If you have Premier, you can program automatic call forwarding when the Telo is offline.

I would recommend a wired internet connection if at all possible.

I don’t have the wireless USB adapter, but I have three of the Ooma DECT wireless phone jacks and they have a consistently, rock-solid connection. And my Ethernet-wired Telo almost never needs a manual reboot. I have got an almost maintenance-free setup.

I had this issue, got a new dongle, still have the issue. I’m like others, why push a product then tell me it’s not guaranteed to work. I am NOT a beta tester for Ooma. IF I need to drag a cat 5 cable to the unit, then it’s no better than anyone elses and opens the door to several choices. The only thing I will absolutely insist on is a phone that is dependable and works. Not at all concerned about incoming as much as I am about outgoing calls for EMS or Fire/Police etc. IF this will not/cannot work 100% of the time, then it’s out of here.

Even POTS is not 100%, but close enough. I have a Panasonic system with Link2cell, which sort of acts like an additional phone line on my cordless phones. If my ISP, or Ooma were to go down during an emergency (I am more worried about my ISP), I can tap the cell button on any cordless phone to call out to 911, using my cellular carrier. My 911 address is registered with the cell phone company. I have never had to use the cell phone 911, so I don’t know if it is as good as residential 911.

I’ve been testing out the wifi dongle on the Ooma Telo Air for the past week to determine if this is a better solution than my netTalk Duo Wifi. When hard-wired, the netTalk is good, but not great. The wifi on the netTalk is almost unusable. For what it’s worth, the non-wifi netTalk has worked better for me.

I’ve had two issues with the wifi dongle. The first had to do with WPA2. For some reason, I couldn’t automatically add my WPA2 network. Whenever I tried to add it, the connection would immediately drop. When I manually added the same network, all was fine.

The second issue is the issue in this thread. If I reboot my router and the router doesn’t come back on-line fast enough, the Ooma wifi dongle will not automatically reconnect. I assigned a DHCP reservation for the Ooma wifi dongle on my router (Linksys EA6500) but the Ooma still won’t reconnect. I am left rebooting my Ooma, which is not acceptable to me.

I concur with a previous post. If I need to string Ethernet to accommodate the Ooma, what’s the advantage of this product versus others, specifically my existing netTalk device? Also, I know I can hard wire the Ooma to a wifi bridge, but how many devices do I really want hooked up to my phone? At some point, it’s a bit unsightly.

Maybe a firmware update will solve this issue. My firmware is from December 1, 2015. In the meantime, I think I’m returning my Ooma.

For what it’s worth, I have 3 netTalk devices and 1 Obi device that I use with PhonePower. Between netTalk, Ooma (only considering wifi) and PhonePower, the most reliable service - and most expensive - is by far PhonePower. Perhaps when it comes to VOIP providers, you get what you pay for.

I concur with the following observation by the previous Ooma support forum posters:

“If I reboot my router and the router doesn’t come back on-line fast enough, the Ooma Wi-Fi dongle (in my case the Wi-Fi + Bluetooth version,) will not automatically reconnect. I (even) assigned a DHCP reservation for the Ooma Wi-Fi dongle on my router but the Ooma (Telo Wi-Fi configuration) still won’t (automatically) reconnect (to the source Wi-Fi signal). I am left rebooting my Ooma, which is not acceptable to me.”

For some reason the Telo (in my case a Telo104 Air, Rev B01) refuses to renegotiate a dropped Wi-Fi connection (i.e., after rebooting or power cycling the associated Wi-Fi router or Wi-Fi access-point,) unless the Telo itself is also manually rebooted (i.e., power cycled).

I am in full agreement with the previous posters who have clearly stated that “this is an unacceptable requirement”!

Please Ooma Technicians - Your valued customers need you help! Please fix this unfortunate oversight ASAP…

I am having this issue daily with both Wifi adaptor AND when telo connected to the Model/Router.

On one hand, I am glad it is not just me having problems. On other hand, it would indicate this is a larger problem that willbe solved by me returning the equipment to Costco and going with a more reliable provider.