Why is the iOS app so unreliable?

When my office switched to Ooma we had hopes of it allowing us to be able to answer calls even when not in the office. It would allow us to work from home occasionally. Unfortunately that is not the case. The app on iOS is too unreliable. Most of the time it never rings when a call is coming in. If I am going to be at home or out of the office I have to try and remember to reboot my phone and relaunch the Ooma app to make sure I can receive calls.
I am running the latest Ooma app on an iPhone Xs running iOS 12.2.
Does anyone else experience this?

I have been using the app for a few years and have never had unreliable experiences. It always rings. When I am in my office, for example, my office phone rings and my cell phone immediately rings. Never have any dropped calls or stability issues.

Try reaching out to Ooma tech support directly. They do not troubleshoot here on the forum.

I’m curious about what type of mobile phone you use because the other person here who uses the Ooma app on his iPhone experiences the same problem.

I have used the app on my iPhone 6s+ and now on my iPhone XS.