what additional diagnostics can be run for problems?

On 3/24/14 around 15:00 CDT I noticed my ooma telo rebooting and appeared to be downloading 82685 which I noted at the time. Fortunately, I didn’t need to make or receive a call when this occurred, but I noticed the lack of communication with new upgrades/fixes seems to be somewhat lacking. I know I can check the ooma forums for the current status, but I don’t have any record of when the last update was applied to my telo or how long it has been “up” without requiring a reboot. I don’t recall if I had to do anything to resync the linx adapter at that time, but I do recall needing to perform this in the last month or so. (No information that I can find about any problems with dect devices are shown on the telo’s internal web page.) I may check to see how to get informed via email when new versions are received.

Today, at about 17:06 CDT, a call was received, but my hd handset and phone connected via Linx did not display any indication that the call was in-progress. My wired phone connected to the phone port on the telo received the call. It was not redirected to voice mail or my cellphone. The caller left a voicemail on an answering machine connected to the primary phone line.

I attempted to resynch the hd handset but it was unable to perform this on the handset. I powercycled the handset but it reported “Connecting”. I connected a laptop to the downstream port to access the telo local web page and it showed that all three DECT devices were not connected.
I attempted to disable and reenable the DECT interface (not knowing that it would reboot the telo) and was able to reconnect again with the hd handset. I did confirm that no new software had been downloaded and that the telo was still on 82685, the most current release.

When the hd handset are unable to receive a call, the call log on the HD handsets never shows the other call that was received on one of the two phone lines.
Perhaps this is one problem not yet corrected, but is there anything that I should attempt to collect should this have a problem in the future? I don’t see any syslog options for the device to post to an external server or detailed status page showing service history - perhaps they are there but undocumented.
It also would be nice to be able to see telo status via the my ooma page so if there is a network or local problem with the telo, I would be able to see this remotely.

Besides getting no dialtone these are two good indications that the DECT module on the base has run into a problem. Instead of power cycling you can also hold down the red key. This will reboot the HS. Your logs confirm the problem. We will investigate.

I will pass on your other suggestions to product marketing.

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