Want incoming calls to ring all extensions and use Virtual R

OK. I made a blunder and posted this question to the residential section of the forum. My apologies.

Here is what I am wanting to do, and have done some of it already:

I want to:

  1. Have all incoming calls ring every phones in the office.
  2. Only have one voice mail for the entire office.
  3. Still use the virtual receptionist for the Greetings

I do have all incoming calls being answered. I did that in the Manage Phone Numbers area by selecting my Ring Everybody extension which I created. Instead of the Virtual Receptionist extension which was set as default.

I do have only one phone receiving voice mails. Interestingly that machine played a recorded message that was my voice and which I must have made awhile back but I believe that message was not coming from Ooma office but by the actual phone instead. That of course would not be good as the answering machine would not work if somebody was using that phone.

In a perfect world I think we might have a Virtual Receptionist option to select all the users whose phone should ring when a call comes through the virtual receptionist?

I may not be thinking clearly enough on this so invite some feedback and education to come my way.

Sean Carney

I now realize that the Viirtual Receptionist is an either or proposition. I can bypass the virtual receptionist altogether by assigned the phone number to another extension. But, I would lose the use of the various functions of the Virtual Receptionist.

To use the virtual receptionist and have all your phones ring, you will want to do the following:

  1. set you number(s) to ring the virtual receptionist first and then in your greeting notify the caller to select an option, in this case lets use 5. “thank you for calling … to reach the next available staff member please push 5”

  2. set up you ring group for example, extension 110. Select the option to ring simultaneous and select all of your users.

  3. Go to the advanced tab on extension 110, choose to transfer to voice mail after timeout, and then select the user you would like to get the voice mail.

  4. On the receptionist tab select the 5 and choose transfer call, then select extension and choose extension 110.

Now when someone calls they will be greeted by the VR and then directed to push option 5 which will transfer them to extension 110 which will ring all the phones. The first person to answer gets the call. If no one answers the call will go the voice mail box you choose.