Voicemail while on the phone

I was on the phone and another customer called in while I was on the line. I got the beep and saw there was another call but I stayed on the original call assuming the second call would go to voicemail. My customer said the phone just continued to ring and voicemail never picked up. Shouldn’t a call go to voicemail if I am on the phone and don’t take the call?

You can configure voicemail pick up time in Office Manager:

Click on the link above, after logging in, click on Manage, Extensions, base extension 101, voicemail. Make sure "voicemail enabled is checked, then set voicemail pick up time

Yes, the call will roll to voicemail if you don’t pick up. The “voicemail pickup time” applies whether you are on the phone or not, so check your setting. If it is set for too long, callers may hang up before the call goes to voicemail.