Voicemail option to enable voicemail to email notification

We need to have the ability to have another option if the voicemail is enabled in the Voicemail set up:

We would like to have an option that says something like “Enable voicemail to email notification without attachment”.

Basically this is the same thing as the first option except that there would be no attachment. This is because it is not illegal for a doctor to receive an email stating that they just received a voice message. But… it is illegal to receive that voice message as an attached and unsecured attachment. This is a HIPPA (Privacy laws) issue.

We do know that Ooma Mobile also has the option to use the Mobile App and have a mobile phones receive the voicemail for an extension and then to actually be actually be able to listen to the message. We need to be sure that this message we are listening to is in some sort of secured status. It seems it should be since it is not being sent via email.

The downside for our office of this solution, which may be what we have to accept anyhow, is that it will only notify one extension when a voice message arrives. So, in this case the Dr. would have to have her phone be the answering machine for the office. This is inconvenient as we really need to place the extension receiving the voice messages be in the front office. That way our staff can look at the phone to see if there are some voice messages to retrieve.

I am assuming that anybody in our office will be able to pull the messages off the voicemail by calling the extension with the voicemal and then entering the password for voicemail.