Voicemail hangup still lights message indicator.

Whenever a caller hangs up on the Ooma voicemail system, the message indicator light blinks and a 0 message length voicemail is created. This is typically caused a robocaller. I find this behavior weird but 2nd level support says this is the normal and this is to let me know I missed a call. I would prefer only to be notified if an actual message is left. Perhaps we could have an option to specify minimum message length.

I also find this very annoying and wish there was some way to set a minimum length of time for a voice mail to be valid and anything less then this gets discarded automatically. I would personally set it to 2 secs as nothing meaningful can be said in under 2 seconds.

BTW. I have never experienced this issue on any other voice mail system I have used in the past 20+ years so all these other systems must have this feature. Last time I have run into this is when we used to use answering machines with tape cassettes.