Voicemail "full" but no voicemail found

I am not sure I’m in the right section of the forums, but here goes:

Someone told me today that they had called me and gotten a message that my voicemail was full. I tried it myself and they were right, I got that message too. But when I log in to myxoma, it says “There currently are no voicemail messages in your Inbox.”. First I didn’t know there was a limit… second it would be nice to get notified before hitting it… and third I have no way to fix it since there are no voice mails to clear out. Which in itself is wrong because I’ve had this service for years and have never knowingly deleted any, so there should be a whole lot of them.

This comes on top of my having discovered last week that I was getting a busy signal whenever I tried to make an outgoing call. I don’t make many calls, so I don’t know how long it was like that. I tried resetting the box but that didn’t help, and it fixed itself later that day. Maybe related, maybe not - I have no way of knowing. But something seems wrong.

You’re logging in with the number ending in 6407? Your mailbox shows 250 messages (the premier limit) of which 238 are new.


Ah… I was going by what it says on the dashboard. When I follow the Inbox link, the Inbox the dashboard said had no voicemail in it does, in fact, have messages. So I think the dashboard widget is borked.

I tried to upload a screenshot of the dashboard that says this but the attachment was too big. I can email it to you if you would like to see it.

It would be nice if that limit was documented somewhere obvious - there’s nothing on the inbox view that tells me I’m over my limit. I get them in email so I very rarely listen to them, or go to the website at all for that matter.

Thanks for the quick response!

So I archived all those messages and made a test call to myself, which showed the system taking voicemails again. But now it is back to saying it’s full. The Inbox is empty; the only place I see messages is in the archive. Do I need to delete those too?

The limit applies across all folders. Trash has its own limit but it is equally large.
Under https://my.ooma.com/apps look into creating a dropbox account.

I too am having this problem, and when I phone Support they said that it showed the voicemail full, but when I checked online, or using the handset, there were no voicemails. They suggested I reboot the telo which I’ve now done but I don’t know whether it has resolved the problem. Where are the voicemails stored? In the telo or on a server somewhere?

Is the “Trash” counted in with the voicemails? I have now deleted the Trash to see if it helps.

Voicemails are stored on a server.
I don’t know but I would expect trash to count until it is actually deleted.