Voice mail playback

I do not get any playback from my Ooma Telo when I press the Play button while it is blinking orange. The only way I can hear my messages is by going online or using a phone to dial in to my voicemail account. I have verified that the speaker is working so it has something to do with the Play button.

this impacts some telo2, fixed in upcoming release, fix was applied to your telo2

Thanks. It is now working perfectly!

How do you verify that the speaker is working?

Push the speaker button and it will voice the current speaker level.
Push it a few times as one of the settings is off.

Thank you for your prompt reply. According to the “Quick Start Guide” that came with my Telo, under “You are unable to hear your messages”:
“Check that the speaker hasn’t been turned off”. Where/how do I check that the speaker hasn’t been turned off?

I’m trying to determine why my voicemail messages cannot be heard on my Telo, although they are available online and via my phone and “Play” button. Also…when the volume key is pressed, the device is supposed to say what volume is set. My Telo doesn’t have that feature/option. I don’t recall that it ever announced the volume level.

I read that others know the software update in their Telos: where/how do I find this information?

If multiple presses of the volume button do not announce the volume level then the speaker is not working.
The Telo 1 has a single volume button that sequences from 0 to 4 and back to 0.
The Telo 2 has a down button and an up button. Pressing the up button will increase the level until it gets to 4 and then will announce 4 every time it is pushed.