Virtual Receptionist slow and unrepsonsive

We are all having trouble with the new Ooma system. I have to check other people’s voicemail when they’re not here. I dial the office number and wait for VR to come on. If I push the * key plus the extension number too quickly, VR dumps me into a circle of repeated and meaningless messages from which there is no escape. If I wait too long, the system simply freezes at my prompt and goes nowhere.

It is too bad that I have to dial our entire phone number just to reach an extension, but then to wait for the VR to complete, but not wait too long, is frustrating and half the time unsuccessful.

It is quicker to walk over to his/her desk and retrieve the message using sneakerware.

What am I doing wrong? Have reset Ooma box a couple times, no change.

Another issue. We don’t have an Ooma phone, just a standard issue ATT. Half the time the dial tones when I need to push prompts don’t register. Could that be an Ooma problem too, or just a phone problem>