Virtual Receptionist Enhancement

Currently, if there is a holiday marked on the holiday calendar, the messages that are used by the virtual receptionist are the after hours messages. If I want to have a different message for the holiday I have to change my after business hours messages the night before the holiday and then change them back the night before the next working day.

I suggest adding another virtual receptionist tab that allows the input of receptionist messages for holidays marked on the holiday calendar. That way I can set and test those messages well in advance of the holiday and the system reverts to the normal after hours messages without my intervention after the holiday.

Thanks for listening :slight_smile:

Karen, you probably want to post this under Ooma Office.

Hi Steve,

I thought I did post under Ooma Office. My page path shows “Board index<Ooma Office<Suggestions and Feature Requests”.

Is there an alternative path to Ooma Office suggestions?

I second your request for a virtual receptionist holiday greeting.

However, in the 3-4 months we have been using our Ooma Office, we have found it just as easy to create multiple audio files and a document of various greetings to copy and paste. Since the after hours is the only one that needs to be changed to something like “our office will be closed from December 22th-January 5th - Enjoy your holiday!” Then on January 6th normal business hours will resume.

Then once we’re back in the office, the phones turn on for open hours and we can change the after hours greeting to our normal closed message.

Hope this helps.