Virtual fax

Hi folks! New office user and trying to find documentation for virtual fax feature which I have purchased. Strangely I can’t seem to find anything on or here. How do I use it? Thanks in advance!

Got the Send Fax part. How do I set up receive? And is that part of the Virtual fax service or is that send only?

Figured it out. Have to set an extension as virtual fax then assign a number to it to receive directly. Fax back service from HP is useful for this.

You send a fax by going to, Home, Send a Fax (in the dark blue bar under where you selected Home) and enter 1-888-473-2963 in the “Destination fax number” field. Then choose the number for the line you assigned to your virtual fax extension (above) so HP knows where to send the reply back to you. Then attach a PDF or tiff file (only one at a time apparently). Then press send.

As long as you assign a number to your virtual fax extension and select that same number as the “Local fax number” when you send the fax then this test will prove that you can send and receive faxes.