Virtual Fax Maximum File Size Upload

Hullo! Noob using 2 numbers (office, fax), 4 extensions (excluding fax and receptionist) in a smallish medical office.

Rely rather HEAVILY on fax still (medical offices are so slow that way), and was surprised when uploading a batch of papers to get the “File size should be less than 5MB” fail.

Workarounds? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

Does this apply to incoming attempts also? For most medical practices, particularly with the gooblety-gook that electronic health record databases dump out for print jobs, the file sizes are LARGE!


Odd, 'cause I don’t recall having seen this sort of warning or limit when signing up with Ooma Office. Seems weird.

Background Information: Voice over IP (VoIP) and Fax Machines
A common question comes up - why are faxes not guaranteed reliable 100% of the time when using VoIP technology? The reason has to do with how faxing was originally developed. The faxing protocol was originally developed for regular landlines. Unlike IP networks which route VoIP, landlines are fairly lossless. This makes faxes less resilient to dropped packets and delay inherently present in all IP networks today. Ooma is currently looking into new ways to improve the reliability of faxing with the Ooma system, including use of the T.38 FoIP protocol.

Note: If you find a need for reliable faxing, we recommend that you keep a Landline for this purpose.

So I REALLY need to figure out a BEST STRATEGY for my young medical office, given this lately-realized statement. Any suggestions are more than welcome! Especially if it involves a Hawaiian vacation…

Does the above apply ONLY to folks who are using a fax device in their office (a kludgey box usually connected to an analog line, but re-purposed through the net for Ooma’s faxing)? Or is it applicable to ANY fax approach, including the little “Send Fax” tool in the Ooma Office Manager (digital fax tool).

So – thinking out loud here – if I upload a 3.0 MB PDF to Ooma’s servers (wherever they be), Ooma has to somehow centrally transmit that in fax protocol to a recipient fax machine for decoding and print dump? And to do so digitally, due to loss, makes it a more limited approach?

Hence the max file size limitation?

Am I tying up too much resource centrally?

Or are they just trying to get away from fax (would love to, personally, but medicine RELIES on that tech too much still)?

And how about the incoming fax perspective? An office sending me a fax is transmitting the document in fax protocol over analog lines to some mystical point, presumptively at the Ooma server farm, where it is converted into my nice fancy PDF that I reach out and grab very digitally through the Ooma Office Manager. So why a limit or loss concern here? It started off lossless. Is there some loss at the “conversion point?” Seems I might talk someone into no limit for receiving, even if there is a limit for sending out of an Ooma environment.

Anyone want to give me some perspectives here? If I have to get an analog fax line, can I port my Ooma fax number? Are there any other creative workarounds to that crappy possibility?

Analog faxing, at least in my medical building, is going to cost me enough that my savings margins with Ooma are wiped out. And I really LIKE Ooma. It has been great fun figuring it out, and I love the whole concept of the virtual receptionist. All very clever.

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