Virtual Assistant Delay

Is there any way to delay “pickup” by the virtual assistant so that a phone can ring at least 4 times so a real human
can pick it up. Our clients are going directly to the v assistant and our receptionist is going crazy not being able
to answer during biz hours.
Any ideas on how to work around this would be appreciated. Looking at past items it appears that Ooma should make
turn this feature off during selected hours a priority.

Colin -

The workaround our office uses, per Ooma documentation, is to set up a ‘call ring group’. When customers first call our office, it rings to the ‘call ring group’ for 3.5 rings. This gives everyone who might be able to answer the phone the time to pick up an incoming call. This also means that it rings to all available extensions (read, not on another line extension) when a call first comes in. Then, our auto-attendant picks up and allows customers to specify an extension or just dial the receptionist. The receptionist is also a call ring group that re-rings all available extensions for 3.5 rings before then sending the customer to the receptionist voicemail.

In this manner, we give ourselves two opportunities to take an incoming call - 1 before the auto attendant, and 1 before the voicemail option - to maximize our ability to actually connect with customers.