uverse compatibility

Hi. I’m an old customer from 2009 thinking of coming back to Ooma.

I wasn’t able to use Ooma before because of problems with AT&T. I was on their DSL at the time and had a local number through them in the standard way.

Now I have Uverse so my internet and phone are coming in through cable. Would Ooma work with this?

I think the issue before was that that coma and the dsl needed were competing, but I’m not sure that’s a problem now.

Does anyone know anything about this?

So glad I can still access the forums.

Hi leslied

The answer to your question is YES. We have been using Ooma with AT&T Uverse for more than 2 years with no problems. In our neighborhood Uverse is our only option, except satellite and satellite is not acceptable for voice. I have my Telo between the combo 2Wire modem/router and a WiFi router.


Being using UVERSE with my Hub and Scout for two years.
Have Linksys Power Line plugged into modem feeding internet to OOMA and computers throughout the house.
Plug and play from the start. (even before I did the IP and DMZ below)

The only two things I did was set a static IP for OOMA and placed it in the DMZ.

Thank you, Gramps and focus puller.

Now if I can just remember we put that Ooma and Scout!