Using Two (2) ooma telo units on Same Network

We have a situation that does not lend itself easily to the “instant second line” feature of the ooma telo. What we’d like to do is connect two separate ooma telo units to our wireless router (on the same network) and thereby facilitate the use of two separate, distinct lines such that we can continue to use our existing separate wireless phones for each line (as opposed to the telo handset with the instant second line). Is this possible/allowable and are there any restrictions to using two separate ooma telo units? Any downside (other than the cost of the additional ooma unit and perhaps an additional premier charge)?

It works fine as long as your internet bandwidth is high enough to support two simultaneous calls.

You can achieve the same function with one Telo and a Linx configured as a private device.

see on how to set up a private subaccount

Thanks for the info - for those of us that are still in the dark, what is “a linx” (besides a feline type animal :slight_smile: ) and how would I make that work?

Awesome, thanks guys!!!