Using Phone Answering Machine?

Does anyone know if you can use your phone’s answering machine rather than Ooma’s?

Go in here and set your voicemail pick-up time to more than 5 rings, have your local answering machine pick up after 4 rings.

Both Ooma and your answering device can be set for the Number of Rings to occur before they pick up the line. Set them to be quite different, say four rings and seven rings.

I can see there is a problem with ooma and a phone answering machine. I have moved my H2 head set more than 5 feet away from my Panasonic phone system. Both are DECT6. But when my answering machine answers I hear this squelch noise instead of a nice beep. I can see this has been going on for some time with no solution. My ooma is set to 8 and answering machine set to 6 rings. I am disabled so it takes a while for me to get to the phone. I have played with this combination every way I can think of. Is there a solution?