Using Businees numbers while awaiting Porting

Is this possible to set up??
IE We have two temporary Ooma office numbers ( and our ‘Virtual receptionist’ number)

Porting has already been initiated…is it possible, until this completes, to have our current (Optimum Online) Business numbers transfer over to our (temporary) Ooma office numbers (x2 lines)

I’m asuming I have to set up call forwarding from our Voip Optimum Online account (x 2 Business numbers)??

Be careful. Sometimes making any change at all to a phone service that is being ported away from will cause the phone service to reject the port.

Thanks for the info!
Maybe I’ll just wait it out!!!

I agree with Murphy. Number ports tend be a fragile thing, so I probably would not change it now. As a rule, whenever I am moving a customer to new service, I forward their numbers to the temporary number prior to starting the port process. This generally ensures that you won’t have missed calls while waiting for the port to eing, however, once the number changes carrier, there may be some routing issues for up to 48 hours (customers on the old provider (and sometimes others) get number is disconnected/other strange messages), though my experience has been this only lasts for a few hours.


Waited it out, some teething issues but appears to be ok now!!!