Using a landline with Ooma Office??

Looking to use an existing landline with ooma office. Here is my chat with support. Just wondering if there is any add-on that can be used to do this.
Alan: Thank you for your question, one moment while I access that information. Please ask us about the Linx device which allows you to wirelessly connect additional telephones or a fax machine to your Ooma Telo!
Alan: Thank you for chatting in. Let me check your account. Please hold.
Alan: We checked your account, Mr. Alexander, and a regular telephone would work with your Ooma Office base, Sir. Are you referring to a regular telephone or to a phone provider, Sir?
You: land line phone provider
You: explain this from the support section: If you’re using the Ooma system without a landline, you won’t be able to make calls until your Internet service is restored. If you’re using the Ooma system with a landline back-up, you’ll be able to make calls (although you may incur calling charges from your landline service provider).

You: this part: using the Ooma system with a landline back-up
Alan: I see. This would work with the old Ooma telo which had a Wall port on it, but since the Ooma Office base does n’t have a wall port, using a landline from another provider with your Ooma office base would not be possible, Sir
You: too bad, o add on that will cover this?
You: that is “no”
Alan: So far, no add on would cover this yet, Sir. You can put in a suggestion in our Ooma Forums by registering to this link so that our engineers will see your suggestions and comments, Sir. We do apologize.
You: ok thank you