using 2 OOMA lines at the same time.

We have Premier support and 2 OOMA phone numbers.

We distribute the tone to all phone jacks in our house. We only have standard phones. no OOMA phones.

In this setup can we make a separate calls on line A and line B at the same time without using an OOMA phone or some special device/phone?

unsuccessful so far. When phone A has a call in progress, I can’t get a ‘new’ dialtone on Phone B by doing **1. I just hear phone A’s call on my phone B headset.

Is this even possible in my setup?

anyone done this? tips appreciated.

I assume you have the Telo since you mentioned Premier.

The **1 code is used for choosing a different phone number to send out for outgoing caller ID.

The Telo only has one phone jack. You need to purchase a Linx to add another phone port to your setup so that you can have two separate calls at the same time.

You can purchase more than one Linx if you want to also set up an intercom system in your house, but the max is four, unfortunately.

(Note that there is a separate forum for Ooma Home users.)