Upload audio file for extension voicemail

This seems pretty basic and I’m very surprised it’s not there. I have a professionally recorded audio file for when the receptionist answers which says things like “press 3 for sales”. But when they press 3, and if it goes to voicemail, it’s a scratchy amateurish sounding recording which greets them. I have not been able to get a decent quality greeting by playing an MP3 file through a handset at all. Please add this. Thanks.

Stay tuned!

+1 for this feature. Especially if you can use it with say, a laptop with built-in microphone. Click to record, start talking, click to stop/playback/save. Simple. Useful. Way better than having to call your OOMA, press *, Enter Code, navigate menus, record, stop, playback, re-record, etc. etc. etc.

+1 from me too. I would really like to be able to upload an audio file for the voicemail greeting just like you can for the virtual receptionist.

Tom B- Do you have an expected timeframe for this feature? I can’t go live with Ooma for my business until the voicemail greeting audio quality is improved!

Yes, please. This is a much needed feature for a business.

Tom B – It’s now been 5 mos. since I first posted this. Can you please comment on when we might expect it? I was an enthusiastic user of this service in the beginning, but…

I’ve asked product marketing for an update.

PM is currently focused on a different Office enhancement and will return to voicemail after that has been completed. No ETA at this time.

Tom B…It’s been more than 2 years. Any ETA on this? I mean, I just got my Office system and the audio quality of the voicemail system is the only thing that made me say “Oh, God, that really sucks!” Should be a top priority for your PM folks.

It sure would be really nice to have better quality voice mail greetings… will this ever happen? What’s needed to get this done?

3 years later - has this ever been implemented? It would be great to just be able to upload an MP3 or even type in the greeting for the robot voice - same as the virtual receptionist.

By the way, DOES ANYONE MONITOR THIS BOARD? I’m not seeing very many responses to questions.

4 years later and nothing… It sure would be nice (and keep me from seeking out some other VOIP provider) to have an outgoing message that has good audio quality and not sound so poor and amateurish.

Ooma residential/telo has this but Office doesn’t. Why?

yes, upload an MPG, AIF, or WAV. whatever it takes.

I do not understand how OFFiCE and HOME are such different products. every time I want a feature and I am about to type in the request of it, I see that it exists in the other tool. seems that there should be parity considering the ongoing cost that OFFICE has compared to HOME.

Cannot believe that this is not a feature. I have obtained all the custom recordings already. This request has been pending for years. Jhow hard can it be? For business, it is VERY important to have professional sounding greetings.

Is OOMA listening? A basic business feature and SEVEN YEARS of requests for it?

PLEASE give us some good news, OOMA! At least tell us you’re listening.

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