UPDATE: Three Options a New User Sees as missing

Haven’t read all of the forums yet but wanted to request to features that as a new user I see as missing.

1st - VR should have a voicemail box of its own. This allows caller to leave a general voicemail if they do not know to whom they want to address.

2nd - There needs to be some manner to repeat the VR menu. I know you can hang on the line for 4-5 seconds and the menu will auto repeat if you don’t press a key but the caller will likely hang up before it repeats… need to be able to assign a key to repeat the menu (it would be great if a * or # could be press to accomplish this instead of taking up one of the numeric keys).

3rd - ability to upload audio file for a user’s voice mailbox greeting (similar to VR)



For your 1st request, can’t you create a virtual extension and assign a number in the VR menu to forward to that extension’s voicemail? Instruct callers to press that key to leave a general message. That approach has worked fine for us.

I agree. The inability to add a custom audio greeting to a users extension Voice Mail box is crazy. This is a must have feature that might have me cancelling my service.

Another feature I really need is for “After Hour” calls. I’d like to be able to direct the after hour calls right to a general Voice Mail box immediately without the need to have my customers press a key to leave the message. In most cases they’ll just hang up which might cause me to lose a sale. Not acceptable! This is a big issue because my old phone system automatically routed them to a general mailbox that had a custom greeting telling our customers we were closed and just leave a message after the beep. Now they need to press a key to direct the call to one of our extensions only to hear another greeting that is generic, doesn’t identify who they’re leaving the message for, and the greeting can’t be changed?

This needs to be fixed quick!