Unblockable Spammers

Recently I have been getting calls from a robo-caller, sometimes cliaimng to use a (979) 230-nnnn number, often showing a name =“Freeport TX” or “V+a string of about 20 digits”. I had been able to block the numbers individually, But they have gotten around the block by specifying “Phone Number” = 0, and name =“V+any twenty random digits”. Ooma Premium will not let me add “0” to my personal black list. Perhaps OOMA could add that number to the community Black list? Or is it possible to add V0*, V1*, … V9* as blacklisted names?

Have you tried 0*?

The “V” numbers are not made up of random digits. I don’t remember the details, but those are generated by the electronic dialing system in use by some telemarketers. There are a date and time contained within those digits and each number is unique so it can tie back to a recording of the call. Not really any way to block it based on the specific number, but it would be nice to block anything starting with “V”.

More details here for anyone that is interested: http://800notes.com/forum/ta-3f0852449bac17d/caller-id-shows-v-a-whole-bunch-of-digits