Two questions - New Ooma installation

Hello all,

I just set up Ooma Office for the first time yesterday - this is my first experience with a VOIP application. As per the instructions, I installed the Ooma base station between the modem and the router. I have two questions regarding the system installation. First of all, during the initial setup, the amber light blinked for a few minutes as the directions said it would while the software updated, then turned solid blue. During this time, the internet at the office was unavailable. Is this something I should expect whenever Ooma is not functioning properly? As soon as that blue light goes back on, the office internet is just fine, but I don’t want to give up any call clarity by installing the base station behind the router.

Secondly, The Ooma Office box clearly states that it works with “regular” corded and cordless phones, and that I can use my existing phones and “no special phones or equipment are needed.” At the office we have 4 phone lines and 5 phones, all of them are Toshiba digital business telephones model #DKT3210-SD. I plugged one of these phones into the Ooma base station yesterday, and the display will not come on and there is no dial tone. I called customer service and asked if the Ooma device supplies power through the RJ-45 connection like the phone company does. The CS rep told me that it does not supply power, and that only phones that have a wall AC adapter are supported. Is this correct? If so, I feel kind of misled by the box that says right on the front that I can use the phones that I have. Most phones without answering machines don’t have need AC power from a wall outlet, so I don’t fully understand that statement.

Any help you can give me would be great, thank you.

When the Ooma Office reboots there will be a brief time that your internet will be unavailable which is why we upgrade Ooma Office units at night. Your internet should be operational during the time Ooma Office is downloading an update. You may notice a slowdown however if your broadband has little bandwidth. Downloads are suspended during Ooma Office calls.

The wording about ‘existing phones’ on the Office packaging will be improved. It should say analog phones. In other words digital or IP phones are not supported.

The phones do have to have an AC adapter to be supported though, correct?

It depends on the phone. An old time desk phone with real bells will work for making calls but may not ring due to the current required to move the clapper. It’s best to use a phone that has its own power supply.

No it’s not correct and we will make sure CS won’t repeat this mistake. The phone port on the Ooma Office is an RJ-11 which supplies talk battery and ringing to any analog phone (just like Ma Bell). Any modern analog phone you can buy in a store today, with or without its own power supply, will work with Office (whether attached to the Office phone port or the Linx phone port).