Two-line phones w two numbers

Hi We have two numbers, and four 2-line phones. Have ooma office set up with four linx, four extensions, and the two numbers going to a ring group including all four extensions. How can I get the lights on each phone to light up appropriately showing if a line is in use? Is there a special way to wire each phone? Thanks in advance.

I have the Telo, not Ooma Office, but I do have three Linx, which are the same devices Office uses. I have two phone numbers with Premier and feed one of the Linx into the line 2 jack on my 2-line phone system. Unfortunately, you are not going to get the same functionality as you would have with two separate lines plugged into each phone. Therefore, you would only get the line button to light on the phone that was actually in use. The other line button will not light. To get want you want, you would need a VOIP system that uses VOIP phones, and that would cost a lot more in equipment expense than Office.

Another thought, if you have an analog phone system that has a central base station that feeds the phones, you could try feeding the phone system central unit using the Ooma office base for line one and then a Linx for line two. You would, however, lose the benefits of having a Linx for each extension (no dial-by-name or extension dialing). If your phone system has intercom built in and dial-by-name, then you could still have some of the same functionality. Again, I don’t have any experience with Office, so if an Office user has tried this, feel free to post a response.

Can Ooma support or anybody that uses office answer this? Our client is about to dump the system if we can’t get a definitive answer on how this works, or is supposed to work.



Ooma support or Tom B - any input on this?

I’m not Ooma support and I don’t have an Ooma Office anymore.
Connect all four two line phones together using 4-wire phone cable. Feed line 1 of the four phones from Linx 1 and feed ine 2 of all four phones from Linx 2. Assign the first number to Linx 1 and the second number to Linx 2. The first number will ring on line 1 of all four phones. The second number will ring on line 2 of all four phones.