two boxes fried at different locations on the same day. any

This morning woke up with no signal. Parents who have ooma half way across the country said the same thing. After conference with support was told my box is fried as factory reboot did not work either. Tried the same thing on the other. No luck. The only solution is to buy a new box with new terms that will require us to pay taxes…find it very unlikely that this happens randomly. My suspicion is the company did something and now requires us to not only buy new hardware but have to pay taxes. Anyone else with this issue?


I have an original Core system (hub plus scout) a 1st. generation Telo and a 2nd generation Telo. All are working well.

Have you checked the power supplies? This is most likely the item that failed. Third party replacements are available for a reasonable price.

See Your unit is now back online.

Thanks. It is back online…but my suspicion was right. Something was done to both of them. Perhaps fix it or at least let your support know about this?

Still wondering how do I get mine back online… Been offline since the 6th of January.

Update: As of this morning, my hub is back up with a solid blue light! :smiley: