Turn Virtual Receptionist OFF during business hours

The Fix for the thread http://www.ooma.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=15838 to allow us to use the VR as a “backup” is OK, but doesn’t quite solve the issue for businesses who don’t want the Virtual Receptionist on at all during business hours.

I’m sure there are a lot of small businesses, like mine, that simply don’t need their clients having to traverse an automated menu every time they call. For me, I’m just making up options. My VR menu would sound like this:

Thank you for calling Such-n-Such Business. Please press any number for assistance.

Completely worthless, and could be detrimental, but I’m forced to do that if I want the Virtual Receptionist to handle after hour calls. If I use the “Fix” for the “VR as backup”, then my clients still have to sit through 4 or 5 rings (and worse, I have to listen to the ringing and train my people to stop answering at 6PM on the dot) before the VR answers only to tell them “We’re Closed” message. The “Fix”, simply turns the VR into a glorified answering machine.

You need to add the ability to TURN OFF THE VIRTUAL RECEPTIONIST DURING BUSINESS HOURS and instead send the call to a group or extension.