Trying to confirm my business number using OOMA app

Hello. I have a PayPal account and I want to confirm the PayPal mobile app using my business number. It requires a confirmation text to be sent to your mobile device. Since I normally can receive texts on my OOMA mobile app (using this same business number), I figured I could use this feature to confirm my “mobile” number. It doesn’t work. I never receive the text sent from PayPal. I have tried doing similar confirmations in the past using the same method and they have not worked as well. I guess it wasn’t as important to complain about it then. But now with this PayPal thing, I’m beginning to wonder if its the OOMA system that is preventing this type of text to come through. What if I wanted to do two factor authentication? Would this cause a problem as well?

Am I doing something wrong?

Ooma is analog phone service. Text messaging is not possible over an analog phone service.

The entire cell phone infrastructure is now digital. If you try to send a text message to a number that requires transit over the analog backbone phone network, it won’t work.

I do have SMS service with OOMA Office using that same number. In other words, I can send and receive texts over the OOMA app using my business number. So your answer doesn’t actually make sense to me. Just trying to understand.

You are using a cell phone which connects the the digital network.

I received a response from OOMA Tier 2 Support:

Response By Email (David) (06/02/2020 07:36 AM)
Good morning,
Thank you for your recent call to the Ooma Office Customer Care center. I am writing to let you know that Ooma Business Texting is not compatible with short code phone numbers (like 245-010). This is why your PayPal message is failing to get to you.

Ooma Customer Care

Now THIS makes sense to me.

Everyone have a wonderful day!