Transfer music (not hold music) - NOW AVAILABLE

I swapped from Grasshopper to Ooma office, but one of the nice features I liked was the transfer music. So when a customer calls in and pushes say option 2 while being in the auto attendant to be transferred to an extension, they hear music for when you are currently waiting for the other party to answer. Ooma Office just has the typical phone ring for when you waiting for someone to pick up. My question is can we get a special transfer music option? If we cannot set a special music for transfer, can it be the hold music if that is a last resort? Again I assume this would be a setting in the panel preferences to set ether “Ring tone or Transfer/Hold Music”.

Anyways ideas and hope this gets added.

Hi ChadTheDJ, thanks for the suggestion. We’re planning on adding a drop-down to the Virtual Receptionist settings that will allow you to select ring back or music playback when transferring a call.

I tested this and it’s working now. Thanks Bobby

Hi Bobby:

In the last post, Tuan said he “tested this and it works”. But I am not able to see the transfer music option anywhere in the settings. Kindly confirm if this is still pending or there is a solution. Thanks


It uses the same mp3 file that you upload for “music on hold” on the Preferences screen

Currently, this is only played when you transfer a call from one extension to another. It does not yet apply to calls that are being transferred from the virtual receptionist to an extension. This is something we plan to add (and allow you to control separately from the hold audio).

This feature is now available. Go to Manage → Preferences and you can now configure transfer music separately from hold music.