Tinny and very loud voice quality


Can anyone help with this? I’m experiencing very robotic/tinny voice quality that blasts out the upload end to the person I’m calling - out to a landline, cell, it makes no difference. I have an Ooma Telo with Panasonic 6.0 plus detect base and 5 cordless phones, a Time Warner cable modem, and a Linksys N610 2 band router. My setup is cable modem->Ooma Telo->Linksys router and Ooma Telo to base telephone. The Telo is also connected to a fax via the links device.

Speedtest has me at:

20.4 mbps download
2.06 mbps upload
Consistency of service: 94%
Upload consistency: 99%
Round Trip Time: 18ms
Max Delay: 26ms
Avg download pause: 3ms
Minimum roundtrip to server: 18ms
Avg roundtrip to server: 22ms
Est. download bandwidth: 19973 kpbs
TCP Max Route Speed: 29126kbps
TCP Forced Idle: 0%
Test type: socket download, socket upload
Time accuracy: 1ms
Jitter you–server: 6.2ms
Jitter server-you: 3.5ms
Packet loss you-server: 0.0%
Packet loss: server-you: 0.0%
Packet discards: 0.0%
Packets out of order: 0.0%
Estimated MOS score: 4.1

I have the QoS upload at 1750, download at 0, and the Internet Port MAC address at: Use Built In.

I’ve tried QoS at 0 (both), at other values. Have reset everything several times. Makes no difference that I can tell. I still sound like a shouting I-Robot ™. :wink:

Any help for me?


Only thing curious in your log is that DHCP requests are going out to lsanca-dhcp-16.peakview.rr.com every 15 sec. either because the request is not reaching the server or it’s not responding.

Hey Tom. Thanks for your reply. I called Time Warner and had them run a test. I’m supposed to have a 3.0 modem. Mine is 2.0. They’re sending someone out this week with a 3.0 modem and to check the wiring. Could that be the cause? Is there anything specific I should ask the technician to check?

Tell the Tech that you’ve heard that modem parameters should be below:

The downstream signal power should be between -10 and +10 dBmV.
The SNR should be 35 or more.
The upstream power level should be less than 55 dBmV

Ask him/her for your readings.

If you are DOCSIS 3 service, the tolerance needs to be tighter. Something like upstream power less than 50 dBmV and downstream power between -7 and 7 dBmV.

Thanks lbmofo. That’s great. I’ll do that and will post the results.

The tech is coming on Wednesday. Please post if you think of any other things I should have done.

Hey, thanks guys. TWC was here. They put in a 3.0 modem and got the tolerances to the recommended ranges you posted. SNR 36.8, downstream 4.9, upstream, 4.6. I now sound like a human again. :sunglasses: