Things to fix and/or add

Add toll free numbers (800, 888, …)
Port existing toll free numbers
Add DHCP server enable / disable
Add list of all network IPs leased by DHCP not a fax of 4, business networks are not like home networks
Add ability to program business feature phones via ‘real’ analog lines, or a workable digital solution
Bottom of base unit got so hot that the Ethernet switch below it shut down due to heat.


We have been beta testing for about a month. We also invested in the HD2 handsets for everyone in the office. So far we’ve been pretty pleased with the overall performance of the system.

Although we have the softkey options on the HD2 for placing calls on hold, transferring a call and the like those features don’t work on the Ooma business system.

But I did want to chime in on the 800 numbers. We are a small consulting firm that works nationally. Recently we’ve been asked by a few vendors and clients why we don’t have one. I’ve been researching on the site how to get one, but it doesn’t appear to be an answer.