The Silence of the WANs -- HELP! Outgoing Only Call Issue

Not really WANs, I suppose, but I couldn’t think of anything else that rhymed… Acute Issue: Incoming Calls Good; Outgoing Calls Dial Only

Perspective: small office, 2 lines (phone & fax), 3 handsets (Panasonic KX-TS3283B), base station used only for call-forwarding to my cell after hours

New this AM. Can receive incoming calls fine on our handsets, BUT cannot dial out! Get a dial tone, put in the number, the phone rings and appears to connect, but then SILENCE! Have cycled the base and handsets to no avail. Anyone got any suggestions? :open_mouth:

1.) Contacted support through Chat; advised to hold “Page Button” on base for 3 seconds and then unplug/plug in Linx units (essentially reset the wireless connections), but still no joy, so referred to the support number
2.) Contacted support number (866-939-6662) and selected option 1 to speak with tech support; spoke with pleasant Filipino woman who suggested that my firewall/security settings on the router could be the issue, but these have not recently been changed (I administer them), the base is in front of the main firewall anyway, and the aDSL modem/router has few ways of significantly limiting IP traffic unless you add them (filters, etc.).

Weird how I can call a number (e.g. my cell), my cell rings, I can pick up and then…silence. Similarly, I can call my administrator’s extension but when she picks up…silence.

Incoming calls seem to work just fine, however.

I have been routed to “Level III” support. Sounds impressive, even if the 24-48 hour wait to find a fix is not. It’s a medical office and these are our phones. Not sure how we’re gonna make it. Frustration rising with a system that I have, until now, genuinely enjoyed. :confused:


I made a test call from your device and it worked ok. Issue may have resolved itself. Do you have QoS enabled on your router?

Tom, thanks! I don’t know is I’m not in the office. I’ll check. Yes QOS is enabled.

Nope still not working on the outgoing call thing. Weird. Problematic as we can’t contact patients about appointments, results, etc. Have good internet function otherwise. Use Consolidated Communications for ISP through aDSL. Have made no changes to router in months, and base is, as noted, in front of the firewall.

To troubleshoot please temporarily disable the firewall on your router and see if you now get audio on outbound calls. When you use Office to call your cell is there no audio in both directions?

I am the administrator of the aDSL bonded router, and I see no dedicated “firewall” on this device. There is NAT (disabled) and some IP filtering (also disabled). Have attached a screenshot of the “Security” page.

Welcome your thoughts.

Have screenshots of virtually every page in my aDSL router. Yeah, I’m weird that way.

You say silence. In which direction is there no audio, both? Test call and log suggests that the remote party is receiving audio. The local party however is not. Calls on e.g. 8/14 still show the local party receiving audio. Can you think of anything that changed in your setup since then?

In any case just to try made a change. Please try again.


Good news, the phones, tested at 0733 CST 21 August 2015, appear to work on the outgoing limb, as well as incoming. No clue why this happened, but glad to have functionality back.

Was about to give up on y’all, and I really don’t want to. For a medical office there ARE a few challenges about which I think your marketing team should be more forthcoming, namely that fax functionality is somewhat limited (size and reliability seem to be issues with me now). Admittedly, WHO faxes anymore, right? Sadly, much of the medical industry still relies upon that archaic protocol.

To answer your last question, there was no audio either way on OUTGOING calls only. Incoming callls were fine. My perception is that the call connects (e.g. my cell will ring when I call it, but I hear nothing from either device when I talk, press numbers, etc.

I agree about the date of onset comment. Our office was functional on 18 August 2015 as late as approximately 16:30 CST. By the morning of 19 August, however, outgoing functionality had been interrupted.

My Ooma base station and the aDSL modem is locked in a rear closet for which I have the only key. I contacted Consolidated Communication (ISP) about interruptions to service or other changes, but they indicated none. Internet functionality does not appear altered. We use Spotify to stream music in the waiting area, and did not change this practice. I have QoS engaged, and, as noted, no filters or firewalls appear to be active on the modem/router. And the port scan of the base at 16:30 yesterday showed only UDP 123 denied, significance unclear to me.

Regardless, outgoing communication is restored now. I welcome your excellent perspectives if you have any to offer at this time. And thanks for helping me out over these past few days. :smiley:

Thank you for sharing your experience on this board. We converted from Comcast to Ooma Business last Friday, August 14, 2015 and the experience has been less than stellar. We have had inconsistent service and we lose the ability to dial out or get a busy signal. Also, the setup for getting phones to roll from one line to the next is not well explained. Our goal was to have our main line roll to our second line and then go to voicemail. I attempted to set this concept up and it was very difficult because the explanations and examples are poor.

Ooma Solution: Created a 103 Extension and added both of our numbers to this ring group; made them ring sequentially. What is strange is that extension 101 and 102 have no numbers attached to them anymore; so Ooma removed them from the extensions and place them into extension 103.

Also, I am looking at a virtual product for faxing; the auto service industry does a lot of faxing too; however, I just believe this because the proper copier/scanner technology isn’t setup in the office. I am consultant for small business systems and change is not well taken especially when things have to get done immediately. I understand that anxiety and would recommend that you find the most tech savvy, and willing person to test any new implementation.

The entire workflow with the Ooma Office system is challenging. I really believe that the engineers are trying to give a logical workflow. It just takes time to make it smooth. The workflow you describe is challenging, I think (ring group to isolated extension sequentially, then VM) but not impossible. I’m not sure about the extension numerology thing.

Good points on faxing and implementation. Overall, I think the Ooma fax solution works, but not reliably, nor with large file size (limit 5 MB I believe).

This board sees some relatively frequent posts about how the product does not work in basic function (calling, call quality), but some of this I suspect is really just unreliable internet function, or improperly coordinated modem/router function. In other words, Ooma is getting the blame for an ISP issue. Just a suspicion.

VoIP is cool, and should be the norm. Just got to get the kinks out, and make it smoother.

We recently enabled the iLBC codec on Office and somehow your ISP is blocking those packets on outbound calls, so changed your config back to using PCMU. Strange one, because only difference is UDP packet size.