Telo that was released Jan 2014?

What’s the difference between this new Telo that was released Jan 2014 versus the one released Jan 2009 (that’s still being offered on Amazon)?


At a glance, it looks like a stripped down version of the original telo… it looks like the wireless (DECT) and usb features are gone in the new version. No worries, it looks like the old version will still be around for a while… it’s about $10 more, though…
Perhaps moderators can say whether the regular Telo will be discontinued-- and if so, why since it would seemingly eliminate those 2 features…

The latest Telo also has support for Ooma DECT devices (the pairing/page button is on the back) and it has a USB port.

Good to know… I was getting concerned should my telo ever die… The light speaker and wireless pairing “buttons” don’t appear on the front of the new telo suggesting what I said (and VENDORS such as newegg don’t indicate these features in the specs or pictures). Any chance there might be an lcd screen version coming out any time soon, or perhaps a better version of the HD2 handset?