TELO Box died after only 3 weeks - no replacement yet

For other users:
Our TELO died after only 3 weeks of use. I checked the wall-wart (power supply) and it is o.k. the problem is within the unit.

It has been our of service for over a week and we have NOT received a replacement unit. OOMA Service offered a $5 credit to our account for loss of service for one week when I requested it

I think the replacement unit must be coming from the Philippines? or China? they have no service center in the US.

I do not recommend anyone purchase an OOMA TELO
they are unreliable and replacement takes over a week!

Stick with Skype!
Ken Hopper
Naperville, IL USA

Thank you for the warning. I have had my Ooma Hub since February of 2009 and added two Telo’s to our system when they first became available later that year. None have failed to date and I remain really happy with the service - but I don’t want to keep something that is not reliable. What do you recommend I do since you seem to be the self-proclaimed expert on overall Ooma quality?

Actually, I can understand your disappointment that you have had some problems but that is not the norm. In fact, for several years Ooma has received awards for quality and user satisfaction. When you get your new unit, why not give it another try. There are thousands of us who love their Ooma systems and I can attest to the desire of the company to go beyond the norm to make their customers happy.