telemarketer calls with vm's not showing up in call logs

For the past month I have been receiving robocall voicemail messages from telemarketers that are not showing up in my call log.
These calls are being received when I am home but my phone is not ringing. I discover the messages when I see the messages light blinking on my telo. Has anyone experienced this? Thanks for any help!

I’ve had the same problem. I am blocking calls from 800, 888, 877, 866, and 855. Some telemarketers hang up but some not soon enough or actually leave a message or a fragment of a message. Hence, showing up as a voice mail.

I don’t quite have enough never to send the calls to the disconnect signal, just in case some legitimate company uses a toll-free number. So far, it hasn’t happened. I wish there was a log for blocked calls only.

thanks for your quick reply…the phone will not ring, but you find a voice mail later? I can’t understand how that’s done without the phone ringing.
Is it possible to block all numbers from an area code?

In my case, it was from the area codes I had blocked, i.e., 800*, etc. I block them, but it is set to go to voice mail. Also, the community blacklist may be responsible. Again under preferences → blacklists → community blacklist.

Again, I have that set to go to voice mail. Someday, I’ll just change it to get a disconnected number recording. In fact, I just did that. Check your settings. It took me awhile to figure out where those messages were coming from too. I can hardly wait until the next presidential election to see how well they work.

Don’t forget to block and mark spam calls so they get on the community blacklist.

Thank you for helping me figure it out I had the box checked to send the calls straight to voice mail, so I configured it to go to a disconnected number response. I also discovered that recently they added a feature to all block calls from a remote area code by adding 555* to it.

I don’t have this option. Is this a feature not available in Ooma Office?

Not so far.
Hopefully in the future.