"Taxes" for Canada

Did the rate Ooma charges for service in Canada go up? And, did this really happen without any notice?

I see I am now being charged $4.50 instead of $3.98. Yet, when I go to http://go.ooma.com/tax_calculator? it says:

Here are the current applicable monthly taxes and fees for your postal code:
Description Amount
Regulatory Compliance Fee (What’s this?) $1.99
911 Service Fee (What’s this?) $1.99
Provincial and local taxes, fees and surcharges (What’s this?)
GST, HST, PST taxes are not shown. Click here to read our full Terms and Conditions.
Total: $3.98

I’m not complaining about the 52 cents, I am just trying to understand why there was no notice on a tax change, or why I was not charged the correct amount.

I trolled the forum a bit and did not see this topic. If it has been discussed, please point me in that direction.


It was discussed, but I don’t recall any explanation being provided by Ooma.