System Down, Reliability Questions

Background: small office user, 3 phones (Panasonic KX-TS3282B) on wireless connections to base station in server closet, aDSL router (3/20) > port 1 to Ooma base station, port 2 to firewall>network, on Ooma since December 2014. No acute network changes.

Issue: acute system failure as yet unclear, since 1-2 hours ago; base station front lamp orange briefly > purple briefly > orange constantly for 30-60 seconds > blinking orange (about 23 times) > black (no light). System cycles like this repetatively. Have power and connection to router. Have cycled both router and base sequentially three different times without change. Router is in bridge mode since October 2015.

Workflow to date: Tried chat, which appears to be designed for imbeciles (“Have you checked to see if the power is on?” Sigh.). Called the 800 number, was referred to another, and now have a tech working on it (but she said that she was working with a “level III technician,” suggesting that she is not [?1]). Something on the Ooma server may be problematic according to her. Still uncertain. So I have forwarded my office to a mobile phone, and am waiting for more feedback.

Reliability: the last issue I had was in August 2015 (“Silence of the WANs”, which was traced to some codec issue with my ISP; in that case I still could RECEIVE calls. Now I have no function at all. I’m a medical office and it is entirely possible that someone could have a bad outcome today because they could not communicate with the office. I really hope not.

You know, the main reason besides cost that I like Ooma is the GUI. Love that Virtual Receptionist in particular. But if these sort of reliability issues are this frequent with Ooma (or VoIP in general), then I’m out. Back to analog. It has to work better. Has to.

I had to switch my fax from Ooma to an analog line about a month ago (too much fax use in medicine, and VoIP cannot do faxing reliably). I was told by my phone provider that they could not port my fax number from Ooma to them. Do you have any idea what a problem it is to change a number for a primary care medical office in terms of communication with facilities, payers, patients, and all of those supporting agencies? Hell. Total hell.

Anyway, I know folks are working on this. And I know and believe in the techs who are trying to make Ooma work better for everyone. Just frustrating when it doesn’t.

Hopefully things will get better soon. More later.

Phones back up! Not sure what happened, but thanks to whoever did whatever!

More than likely your ISP had issues and correct it.

Having same problem. It came out of nowhere. Totally frustrating!!! Chat was no help. Told me to call customer service. GREAT advice…when phone is not working!!!

Most likely ISP mine goes down all the time.