System architecture: Call forward, VM, and the VR

Small office, 2 numbers (phone, fax), 4 extensions excluding VR and fax. Check my logic – help me out.

1.) Call forwarding and voicemail functionalities “reside” on the extension/device level, it appears.

2.) Call forwarding and voicemail are mutually exclusive on the extension/device level, it appears (can check both, but extension just seems to send to call forward number). Hence, I would need two extensions/devices to accommodate for both functionalities in, for example, an after hours scenario.

3.) The Virtual Receptionist is effectively a traffic cop directing traffic to the extensions in two temporal scenarios, open and closed, but cannot change the programmed characteristics of the extensions/devices.

I just want one of the selections, after hours, to forward to my mobile, if selected, and the other to voicemail, reverting to a daytime/open schedule that does not leave me having to manually change the extensions every day throught the Ooma Office Manager admin console (i.e. unchecking the call forward box on the extension that I now want to reclaim for daily, unforwarded, use).

BTW, I REALLY do like this system. The call clarity is excellent and overall my user experience has been great. Still a bit to learn. Love the VM to email options, and the capacity to call forward. Just hope for more flexibility.


Unsure if this was one of your question, but if the party-forwarded-to doesn’t answer before the Voicemail pick up time specified in the voicemail tab, the call will go to Office voicemail.

Yes, currently open/close only applies to the receptionist. To easily change settings at different times of the day you can use the Office mobile app.

Thanks Tom for the perspective on the VM - call forwarding timing. It should be helpful!

Still really like this system overall.

My workaround thus far is to put all call forwarding to the Base Unit extension, as I am not using that directly with a phone. I put VM to the local phone/extension which I use during the day, but to which after hours traffic is directed, if not going to the call forward number. Thus I need not make daily changes to the extension configuration. At least as long as I pick up before VM! :slight_smile: