Successfully ported but not receiving calls

Reaching out for advice, as I’m getting nowhere with Ooma support.

We just installed Ooma office. While waiting for our 2 numbers to port, we were using call forwarding and everything was working fine. Ooma now has control of the numbers and the porting has completed, but we are unable to receive calls. We can make outgoing calls.

We are now 36+ hours without incoming calls and fax capability. I’ve talked to account supervisors, who’ve talked to the porting team, who have escalated to the 3rd party carrier with no results. This will hurt our business if it continues and I have no idea how to get this fixed. I keep getting the same script from the account supervisers…they are sorry…it’s been escalated to their 3rd party carrier…they will call me back after talking with the porting team. No one seems to understand the urgency.

What else can I do?

Thought I would update for anyone else having the same issue–

After speaking with several Ooma supervisors, I am finally able to receive calls. Apparently, this was a network problem with newly ported numbers not hitting the ooma network.

It has been a bumpy start with ooma. My first base station had to be replaced because it wouldn’t pair with the linx devices and then we couldn’t receive calls for 36+ hours after porting was completed. Thankfully, both problems are resolved and hopefully the system is problem free from now on.