Submenus for Business Hour Menu

Ooma office has 2 menus; the business hour or after-hour. Both menus have 9 possible functions (9 numbers keys) to assign to each key. Our business is divided into two categories; commercial division and residential. Ooma office greets the caller by redirecting their call to either one of these division by making the caller press 1 or 2. Once the caller is in the division they are trying to reach, ooma announces other options to redirect the call the the right person. (Example: sales & service (press 4), accounting (Press 5) etc… The problem we have is that there is not enough key numbers available to assign all our needed functions. We need more than 9 numbers… Additionally, after the person presses 1 or 2 for their division, if they want to reach sales and service, they must press on the 4 twice otherwise Ooma will just start playing the main greeting again. I need submenus to be able to assign more functions and to eliminate the caller having to press a number twice after initially pressing 1 or 2. I think a way to do this would be to add a function to keys like “redirect to submenu” where you have the option to transfer to extension, play message etc… so that it enables another set of completely free and unused key pad numbers. and to have the “submenus” appear as tabs under the business hour menu. With the layout the same as the main menu with a recorded message directing the caller to the new secondary options and the keypad right under with free numbers where we can assign different functions. I hope you can visualize what I am trying to say here…

Hi Valerie,

I agree that submenus would be very helpful.

FYI, AT&T did a lot of research in the past on virtual attendant systems. It turns out that if you provide more than 4 options per level or more than 3 levels of submenus customers get confused or impatient and you stand a good chance of ticking them off. Because of that, the design of the navigation of your virtual attendant system is very important. Based on that research it is their recommendation there should be no more than 10 options as currently exists in Ooma (0-9) and no more than 3 levels of submenus if submenus are added to the virtual receptionist in the future.