Still no sound on outgoing calls

Have had Ooma Office for over a month, and have been unable to make outgoing calls. Call goes through, but there is no sound on either end. Incoming generally works fine. I am in a shared office setting, so am connecting using the wireless adapter, and don’t have direct access to the router. I had an IT consutant, who understands the wireless settings, spend a couple hours changing every possible port and firewall setting that could be blocking the call, but still no luck. Short of getting him back here, and wiring me directly to the router, which wouldn’t be easy or cheap in my current setup, I have no idea what to do. Tech support has been unable to help. Anybody else encountered this, and have any suggestions?

Do you have access to the router setup? Put your Ooma in DMZ.

We’ve been struggling with this for over a month now, we have had no issues until 2/9/15 (had service since Oct '14) and after all the usual nonsense of “it’s your firewall” etc. I demanded a firmware downgrade since they had done an update on 2/5/15, or so level 3 told me, and then the problem went away for awhile. Now we have a new issue, once again with no changes to our network where the outgoing audio cuts out after about 30s to 1min, and incoming calls can operate for hours on end with no issue.

Full disclosure: I’m a network technician and I do this for a living, which makes Ooma’s support so incredibly frustrating. The fact that they treat the firewall ports for a business level product as some kind of military secret is ridiculous, and the ports they do have posts are so broad and far sweeping you might as well not have a firewall at all just for Ooma’s sake (which, btw, also doesn’t work because the problem is not the firewall, it’s the service, which we wasted over a month discovering)

Did you ever find a solution for this problem, mine cuts out and I can’t hear the other person after 1 min.

Just testing with my cell and after about 30 seconds it comes back and I can hear the other person again.
Haven’t called ooma yet, doing some more troubleshooting first.