Static IP Address with Charter Internet

I am having no luck with this installation. My pre-Ooma setup had a modem with 4 ports on the back of it connected to a router. I mention 4 ports because Ooma reps tell me this means that the modem also functions as a router whereas a Charter rep said it is a modem only. I don’t know which it is, I just want to make phone calls.

Anyway, I set up the base station per the quick start guide and my internet connection promptly went down. After multiple reboots and modem reconfiguration by my ISP the internet is working but I cannot get the Ooma to work for anything. Just a flashing amber light forever no matter what I do.

My IP address from my ISP is static. I have the default gateway, DNS server info, etc. that I need. I’ve tried modifying the configuration settings for the base station but I’m not sure I’ve gotten good direction on this. What is the proper internet configuration for the Ooma base station? Static? Automatic? Other? Are there any other settings I need to modify from the defaults?

Does anyone know how to set Ooma up with a static IP address behind the modem? I have gotten nowhere with Ooma reps and have gotten conflicting information from Charter. Any help would be much appreciated.