Static and Cyclical Sounds


We moved into our new house this time last year and Groupon happened to be running a deal featuring the Telo so we bought it. So far I have been very disappointed in the call quality. I do really like being able to check voicemails from my cell phone online though. We don’t even really use our home phone and only got it so that we would have a way to contact our babysitters should they forget their cell phone (which happens quite often) or if there was an emergency.

With all of the flurry of activity with moving in and getting settled I just got the unit running out of the box and never really did anything about contacting customer service so that is my fault. Now a year later, we still often get the same issues. The two biggest problems are static in the line during a call and a cyclical sound much like a record player when it gets to the center of a record. There is a low hiss with a repeating bump at the end and it continues over and over. It is very annoying. Anyhow I thought that maybe it was due to interference since I have the unit on my computer table with a printer and speakers so I moved it to the far end of the table, but that did not fix it. I tried different outlets and took it out of the battery back-up and that didn’t fix it either. Now my wife keeps complaining about it so I need to get it figured out. Unfortunately if it is a bad piece of hardware I have waited too long to get any kind of warranty replacement.

We live in a rural area and the only cable available is SuddenLink out of West Virginia which is a state away. At our last house we had Time Warner which was great. The cable TV had look back and had lots of channels with great internet speeds. This company is like grade school compared to Time Warner. The ONLY internet speeds available are a blazing 2 Mbps down and 0.25 Mbps up. It’s like having dial up again, really. I did however splurge and bought a nice router because my last one was a Linksys and it was always locking up and needing rebooted. This Netgear WNDR4500 dual band unit it the cat’s meow and hasn’t had a single problem for a year since I bought it. We only have one phone connected to the Telo and we used this phone at our last house with our land line through Windstream and it worked fine. The Telo is plugged into the Netgear and the Netgear is plugged into an Ambit modem model U10C018.

Can anyone help me out with this? Thanks.

Static makes me wonder if your phone is bad. Plug in a different phone? You are using your phone connected directly into the Telo? Your ISP speed is lacking so may have issues but static is something else. Use a wired phone directly plugged into the Telo and see if you still have the same issue.

From Vonage support site:

Static and garbled audio issues are described as:


There is constant static even when no one on the phone is speaking. Static can sound like a hissing or buzzing sound, a low hum, or a series of crackles or pops.


The voice of either or both people on the phone sounds distorted, muffled, or as though the speaker is under water.

These issues are usually the result of electrical interference caused by a problem in the phone wiring or from other electronic devices such as radios, microwaves, satellite dishes, wireless routers, cell phones, TVs, and surge protectors.

Try one or more of the following to resolve your audio issue:

  • Verify that all phone wires are solid and free from damage. Replace any wires that are torn or have loose connectors.
  • Verify that your Vonage adapter (Ooma) is at least four feet away from any other electronic device.
  • Try a different phone, or a different phone cord between the phone and Vonage adapter (Ooma).
  • For corded phones, replace the phone cord that connects the base of the phone to the handset.
  • For cordless phones, change the frequencies or channels on the phone.
  • Test your Vonage adapter (Ooma) at another location where there is broadband connection available.
  • Verify that all wireless devices and cordless phone bases are at least four feet away from each other.

Usually static is caused by the phone or sometimes electrical or electronic devices are placed to close to the Ooma Telo. Check using another phone first, and then move all electrical and electronic devices three to four feet away from the Ooma Telo. If you are using a wireless phone system, unplug the wireless phone base while testing with another phone. Again unpower all wireless phone bases in your home when testing with another phone, preferably with a corded phone.