**** STAR CODES ****

I would like to see a ‘cheat sheet’ of star codes.
Namely, I’m an Ooma Office owner who figured out that I can magically transfer calls by hitting *1.
Now I just figured out that when on an Ooma hosted Conference Call, hitting *0 puts the call on hold, *4 mutes yourself, etc.

Can someone PLEASE post or send me a CHEAT SHEET of all Star Codes available to Ooma users, and Conference Hosts / Participants? Much appreciated!! :slight_smile:

Look at “complete star codes”
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Interesting, but even there I see no mention of the star codes available for Conference Call lines.

*4 says muted but doesn’t actually work, use *0 instead to toggle mute

Maybe you should ask this in the Ooma Office section of the forum.