First off let me say I love OOMA and have been very happy for the last 6 year plus.
However, I Really Hope that OOMA is working on a way to deal with Spoofed calls.
The technique of adding numbers to the blocked call list has become ineffective for these types of calls.
Out of the last 100 calls on my account, almost one in 3 appear to be spoofed numbers.
In the last two weeks it has grown to over 40 percent.

Please Help US.

Unfortunately it’s not just Ooma who needs to address this. Over the past couple of months at least 80% of the calls to both my home and cell numbers have been via spoofed numbers. Hell, I’ve received multiple calls that appear to be from my local PD that have turned out to be from the “I’m calling about your credit card. There’s nothing wrong with your account …” (i’ve never listened beyond that point) crowd. :frowning:

I understand the legitimate need to allow blocked calls. I have no complaints about that. But this spoofing of phone numbers. That needs to stop.