Spoofed phone number

We got a phone call that per the caller ID was my doctor (my GF picked up the call, she doesn’t remember the phone number they were using but it was definitely a 360 area code which is the right area code for my doctor).

It was a telelmarketing call and for a medical service product. When I checked Ooma’s log (great feature) it had the number coming from (954) 252-7556 with the identification “DRS KIRK & VALE” which is definitely not the area code she saw, no doubts from her. A search for this shows numerous other similar telemarketing calls for this number and this identification.

Other than both being doctors, there’s no other reason for Ooma to display my doctor’s name is there? Would Ooma have linked the "DRS KIRK & VALE” on the incoming call with the word “Dr.” in my calling history somehow? Doesn’t make sense I know but it’s the only other connection I can see other other than medical information has been leaked which yes, may be slightly paranoid. Normally I would say it’s a straight spoof but I’m concerned that my doctor’s name came up for a medical service product. Maybe just be coincidence, may not be.

Worse yet I’m getting spoofed calls that display my comma number and my name.
Can Ooma address this?