Spam using my Caler ID

A few minutes ago I got a call that showed my name and number on the caller ID. It was my number but the name was a little different. My normal ID name is “myname D” but this caller id was “Home myname” (I am using myname for this forum instead of my real name). It was a spam call. I went to the Ooma Log in hopes of blocking the number. But the number is my main home phone number. I don’t want to block my Ooma’s phone number. Any suggestions of comments on this? I think Spammers are taking it to a new level by using the caller ID of the phone they are calling.

Update: I just used my phone and made a call. The caller ID name has in fact changed to “Home myname”, but the Ooma web site says its “myname D”. Any idea how I can change it back?

Home Myname might be from having your own number in contacts?
Can’t do anything about spammers spoofing your number but hope those calls are rare.
You can block your number and won’t be impacted unless you call home using Ooma app.

Had the same thing happen to me today. My name and my home “ooma” number.

So just to clarify, I can block my home Ooma # and still receive all calls including from my cell but I just cannot place a successful call to home using the Ooma app on my cell, correct?