Some Caller ID showing caller location instead of name

Hi there,

I’m asking this question on behalf of my folks who are using Ooma Office. They are telling me that since approximately May 13th, the majority of caller ID names are now showing the callers location (e.g. ‘Barrie ON’, or even the more vague ‘Ontario’) as opposed to their actual caller name.

The caller name used to appear. It seems like some calls still show the proper caller ID; however, some calls originating from Bell Canada (which I believe all have caller ID names) just show the Bell switch location (Stroud ON).

Has the call routing changed and now the caller ID information is no longer being delivered to our office? These location-based caller ID names are visible in our Ooma Office Manager.

Thanks in advance. No rush, but seeing names would be nice. :slight_smile:

Edit: Additionally, a quick glance at our call log is showing that our Ooma Home phone caller ID shows up on our Ooma Office as ROGERS COMMUNICATIONS. Surely Ooma can route the proper name within the network? In this case, I think it’s because our home number was ported from Vonage who assigns numbers from Rogers.


Sorry to bump, but curious if this was intended or not?

what is the business name associated with this Office account?

Hey Tom. It’s Innisfil Dental Centre.

Hey, any update on this? Doesn’t seem to be happening on our Ooma Home Phone service.

Does it do it on all phone calls or just on some? It may depend on the phone system they are using. Our city has it’s own phone system and all phone calls show the location, not the name.

The number ending in 581 that’s coming in as “Barrie ON”, would you happen to know how it used to come in? Feel free to private mail that if you like.

I’m not sure what it used to come up as. I’ll ask them and hopefully will have an answer.

I know our Ooma Home number (ending in 595) that I just called from shows up as ROGERS COMMUNIC. I’m not sure if that helps identify anything.

Not all calls, but it seems to be the majority now. It wasn’t always like that. Not a massive concern, just curiousity.

Possibly there’s a disconnect between Bell Canada and the caller name DB. We will escalate.

Thanks for looking into it. If there’s anything I can do to help troubleshoot, let me know!

We checked two industry standard caller name DBs. Of the 8 numbers I checked (last 4 digits resp 2595, 0801, 0610, 1065, 8697, 0979, 0960, 9551) one DB has info on numbers 1, 3, and 4 (this DB is not used by Office). Neither DB has info on the others. Possibly these numbers were ported out to mobile and they don’t register the caller name or it’s some local exchange carrier.

Interesting. Was this changed recently? 2595 is our home phone number with Ooma, ported from Vonage. It was showing our name properly up until May.

Additionally, the number ending in 7312 is our mobile phone which shows up as Barrie, ON, but the proper caller ID info shows up on our Ooma home phone service and any Bell landlines (our cell is with Rogers).

Is it possible that Ooma changed the office DB sometime around May? Our cell used to show our proper caller ID name as it does on our Ooma home phone service.

Looking back at our Office call logs (from the Ooma Office Manager), most caller ID names were showing up in the beginning of May. At least with more accuracy then they were now. Did the database change sometime in May to the one that doesn’t have the caller ID name?

Thanks for the reminder. Looks like what happened mid-May is that some Office accounts who had previously passed on the carrier provided cnam were updated to do a cnam database lookup instead, like all the other accounts. Reason is that cnam coming off the cloud can’t be trusted. In any case, thank you for bringing this to our attention.

Ah, I see. So the CNAM lookup prevents spoofing or other fraud issues if I understand correctly. Thanks for the explanation!

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