SMS, Text Message Capability Soon?

Just thought I would post this to see if there is any movement towards having SMS capability on our existing OOMA Office service.

or at least do sms pass through on the ooma voice app to a cellphone #

[UPDATE] SMS Text messaging is NOW AVAILABLE!

I’m on my last legs with OOMA regarding SMS service on our existing line. I never realize how much business I could get (or I’m losing) by not having this feature. I have have been texting since 2001 when people use to tell me that texting was dumb. Most, if not all, other services have this feature. I’ve had so many clients tell me, “I text you but I never received a response.” I’m so old school to believe that a potential customer would initiate contact with me via a text message but its happening NOW and OOMA doesn’t seem to want to move on this and make it happen.

As GMOOMA stated in their reply, a pass through of some sorts would help the situation tremendously!

Please OOMA Office, SMS is needed on our service now.

In this day and age it is an insane feature to be lacking from a business phone service.

You are absolutely correct!

Does OOMA still employ developers? Just wondering as it seems like no new features ever happen

You’re better off praying to the god of sun for SMS capabilities than expecting an Ooma ‘engineer’ to give a hoot about improving. :confused:

Friends, I’ve realized only today that is part of the Ooma family. That’s at least a starting point for using SMS on a smartphone.

This press release from 2017 talks it up:

I hope that Ooma will see fit to incorporate Talkatone’s features into its Premier service.